OnePlus Pad vs Xiaomi Pad 5: Price in India

OnePlus finally revealed the pricing of its new tablet, the OnePlus Pad, months after the official presentation. The new tablet runs on Android OS, similar to many other tablets by Samsung, Realme, Lenovo, and Motorola, though it comes with a flagship chipset from Dimensity and a high-end display.

While Android tablets have limitations against the iPad in terms of connectivity with other Apple devices, Android tablets could be useful for reading, watching movies, and even reducing smartphone fatigue.

 But when the price is set at Rs 37,999, some may consider getting a cheaper option, such as Xiaomi Pad 5 or Realme Pad X, which are equally capable tablets.

Xiaomi and OnePlus Pad offer capable displays, though OnePlus gains an edge with a new notch. That does not mean the Xiaomi Pad 5's display is poor, it comes down to preferences (display size).

The Pad 5 offers a 10.9-inch WQHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate and Dolby Vision. The bezel sizes are also favourable, and there's an 8MP camera in portrait orientation. 

The OnePlus Pad carries a 144Hz display that offers a similar resolution. The display on the OnePlus Pad also supports Dolby Vision and includes an 8MP camera but in landscape orientation. 

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