Google’s Project Magi to bring AI tools to search: Will it give the giant an edge?

It’s the season of Artificial Intelligence, and everyone seems to be in a rush to build a god-like AI. The latest development this week calls attention to Alphabet Inc and its ambitious AI-driven projects. While it’s commonly known that Google has Bard chatbot and has been working on an array of AI products modelled around text-to-images and text-to-videos, now it seems Google is on its way to integrating some “radical” AI tools into its search engine.

In another development, South Korean smartphone giant Samsung has replaced Google with Microsoft’s Bing as its default search engine on its line of devices. This has evidently ruffled some feathers, as Bing has been an optional search engine for years. Based on a report in The New York Times, the latest development prompted Alphabet to hit the “panic” button.

Bing and a slew of other AI-powered search engines seem to be giving Google sleepless nights. However, it has been reported that Google is now bracing itself to build an “all-new” search engine based on AI. Reportedly, the internal docs accessed by the media outlet show that Google is also updating its existing search engines with a slew of AI features. And all these new projects are being rolled out under the name Magi.

What is project Magi?

Google’s Project Magi is paving the way for a whole set of new features that are being steered by executives, designers, and engineers. All the stakeholders involved in Project Magi are currently working in “sprint mode.” Reportedly, the new search engine that is coming to shape under Google’s new project will give users a far more personalised experience than its existing version. It is believed that nearly 160 people are working full-time on the project.

It is to be noted that these plans, purportedly seeking to reimagine the search experience, are in their nascent stages, and there is no clear timeline yet known about the potential announcements. The new system will learn what users are seeking after they begin using it. The new search will offer preselected options on what to shop for, information to look for, and other information from its learning. Reportedly, the new search experience will be more conversational, an experience similar to seeking the advice of a helpful person. In essence, Google’s new AI search will feature an interface similar to ChatGPT.

As per the report, even before the search engine is modified, the Magi Project will see Google add some AI features to the existing search experience. Interestingly, search results and search queries will continue to lead to financial transactions and will feature ads. As of now, Google’s chatbot Bard does not feature ads. The new features will also help users get answers on coding and writing code based on their prompts.

When to expect new search tools under Project Magi?

The same report has stated that earlier this month, Google asked some of its staff to test features under Magi. It also encouraged the staff to ask follow-up questions to test the search’s ability to sustain conversations. If the report is to be believed, Google may unveil these tools to the public sometime in May.

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