Redmi introduces 300W fast charging which fills a phone battery in 5 minutes

Redmi introduced 300W fast-charging era simply 4 months after being the primary logo to surpass the 200W threshold. The Xiaomi subsidiary discovered a telecellsmartphone can rate from zero to one hundred% in beneathneath 5 mins, and later accompanied with a video, dropping greater information at the era.

The logo used a changed Redmi Note 12 Discovery phone with a 4,one hundred mAh battery (the unique model has a twin 4,three hundred mAh cell) in a managed environment. It took 2 mins eleven seconds for the tool to attain 50%, and simply shy of 5 mins the battery became at one hundred%

Interestingly enough, even though the video comes instantly from Redmi`s Weibo account, the 300W declare falls simply short. The phone reaches 290W for approximately 3 seconds earlier than returning to much less powerful (however nonetheless mightly impressive) charging rates - 300W is the theoretical max the charger and the battery can attain, however the tool is capping out for protection reasons

The adapter itself comes with Double GaN era and has “greater than 50 protection protections” however nonetheless keeps a small size, Redmi said. What the Xiaomi logo did now no longer say is whilst we`ll see an real phone with the era hit the open market

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