It seems that OnePlus is entering the foldable market with their first OnePlus Foldable phone. This is because smartphone manufacturers see huge potential in this market. Earlier, we have seen the same technology from big brands such as OPPO, Samsung, Google, etc. The latest technology always claims to beat the older ones. Similarly, Oneplus foldable is set to outclass all existing foldable phones.

As of now, we do not have any information about the first OnePlus foldable. The company has just confirmed the first details at MWC 2023. Earlier, the company revealed the amazing OnePlus 11 concept phone. Now, it is up for another claim. But,

the Chinese smartphone maker will have to be careful about the latest market trends before making any claims about upcoming phones.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any details about this foldable phone. Therefore, we are uncertain about things like the name, design, and other features. For the time being, we can call it an anonymous OnePlus foldable phone. Jokes aside, the company claims that its foldable phone will offer a fast and smooth flagship experience.

Also, OnePlus shares how it will offer a flagship experience in its first-ever foldable device. The Chinese smartphone maker is making big claims about the OnePlus Foldable phone, although the phone does not have a name yet. Hopefully, it won’t be the worst experience ever for OnePlus fans.

The company proclaims to set a new standard in the foldable phone market. I hope the company lives up to its claims. It is normal for smartphone manufacturers to make big claims; I think there is nothing wrong with that. However, the companies face a strong backlash if they fail to live up to their claims.

As of now, the company says that its first foldable phone will beat its competitors, such as Oppo Find N2 Fold and Galaxy Z series. This Oneplus foldable phone may end up like Oppo Find N2 if the claims remain on paper only, not in the manufacturing lab. Whatever the claims are, we expect something great from the company later this year

Let’s put everything aside; we have a million-dollar question for you. Despite the success of the Galaxy Z phones, will the OnePlus foldable phone beat the Samsung Galaxy Z series? We are open to hearing what you think about it. At the same time, we will update you as soon as the company leaks more details, such as the OnePlus foldable phone price.

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