Realme GT3 240W set to launch worldwide at MWC 2023

Realme has strongly hinted at world-beating charging to be found in a successor to its GT2 Android flagship smartphone line-up of 2022. The GT3 240W's debut as part of the OEM's MWC 2023 exhibition has now been confirmed. Despite its new name, there are suspicions that its design and hardware will have been seen before.

Realme has hinted that it might drop trendy material choices for record-breaking mobile power tech in updating its Android flagship series this year. The OEM has announced that it will show up to the upcoming major MWC 2023 event to introduce us to a new addition: the GT3 240W.

This new product name, as well as a suspiciously Halo Light-like graphic in Realme's latest poster, has led to speculation that this device is none other than the GT Neo5 240W re-branded for international markets.

It would make some sense, as such a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1-based smartphone would replace one that debuted with an equally last-gen Snapdragon 888 platform in 2022.

Accordingly, it is interesting that no 'GT3 Pro 240W' is being teased alongside it. Then again, Realme has plenty of time to preview any further members of the new premium line-up before its February 28, 2023 Barcelona conference.

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